Innovation beyond the pill: we support General Practitioners in handling COVID-19 patients thanks to our partnerships with Bingli.

Our aim, at MSD Belgium, is to Stay ahead of the curve. Innovation is key. Supporting patients and their GPs in new ways is critical.

We strongly value partnerships.

Co-creation is key to transform our healthcare system in a sustainable way. To that end, we do value collaboration with external partners as they might have complementary capabilities to ours. Together we can bring more to citizens, patients and their doctors.

COVID-19 pandemics and how together we can better react.

Given the important inflow of patients to be handled by doctors because of the pandemics, and the fact that the sooner COVID-19 patients are properly cared of, the better their chance of recovery, Bingli has been selected as partner to support MSD Belgium in our efforts to create a new experience for both patient and healthcare professional based on digital aids, and to shorten time between the start of diagnosis and the right treatment.

What does it mean concretely?

We have co-developed with Bingli a digital solution to help identify patients with suspected COVID-19 infection before their doctor’s visit, as well as potential risk factors that could lead to a more serious course of the disease in these patients.

Interested by a demo of the solution? Watch this short video to find out more.

You are a GP interested to install Bingli? It is free, and you can ask for more information to Bingli (Tom Van De Putte –