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MSD is a global healthcare leader working to address unmet health needs. We provide innovative medicines, vaccines, biologic therapies and animal health products to help improve health and well-being. We work with customers in 140 countries to deliver broad-based healthcare solutions. The company is known as Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA in the United States and Canada. Everywhere else, we are known as MSD.


2015 National Women's Day : focuses on women in the innovative pharmaceutical sector. Many women are actively involved in the innovative pharmaceutical industry. As part of the 2015 National Women's Day, highlights the contribution of women holding a management position within the pharmaceutical sector, among them Patricia Massetti, MD, MSD Belgium and Luxembourg (in French) or in Dutch.

Phase III Trial of the MSD and NewLink Genetics Investigational Ebola Vaccine Initiated in Sierra Leone
MSD confirms that the third, late-stage, clinical trial of their Ebola vaccine candidate rVSV-ZEBOV-GP (V920) has been initiated in Sierra Leone.

Interview with the journal « Le Soir » met Patricia Massetti, CEO MSD BeLux and Vice President of “Pour un médicament’, il faut 10.000 idées " (in French only)
To learn more about Patricia Massetti in French or in Dutch.

Mectizan/Nobel Prize
In October 2015, it was announced that Dr William C. Campbell is one of the three winners of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. Dr Campbell, who worked for 30 years as an MSD researcher, shares the prize with Satoshi Omura. Together they worked on the original development of ivermectin, a medicine used in the treatment of onchocerciasis - better known as river blindness - affecting millions of people in Africa, Latin America and Yemen.
Discover here the program.

Medecine Nobel Prize 2015
Nobel Prize 2015 in Medicine Awarded to Dr. Campbell, a former scientist of MSD (in French) or click here for the Dutch

Ebola Information Center Now Open on
The Ebola Information Center is now up and available for your use. This is a so called “evergreen” site, which is to say that we expect to update content as events require. This represents a first step in our communications plan around Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA/MSD’s commitment to this issue.

Merck & Co., Inc., Kenilworth, NJ, USA in top ten R&D spenders in 2013
Over the past decade, two industries have accounted for half of all R&D spending: healthcare and computers. This is what comes out from Strategy&'s survey of R&D expenditures across all industries. With an R&D spend of $7.5b representing 17% of revenue, MSD ranks at #10 among four other pharma companies that made it in the top ten.

Nature: PD-1 Treatments Have Massive Potential
A paper published in Nature offers an overview of the use of targeted therapeutics in cancer treatments and the striking benefits they offer in previously-terminal cases of cancer. The cutting edge of such treatments are PD-1 inhibitors. Oncologist Antoni Ribas (who has led clinical trials with MK-3457) is quoted saying, “We see patients who have large, bulky melanomas, tumours that two or three years ago if they said they didn’t want to be treated, I would have said OK. But with this antibody that releases the PD-1 brake, all of a sudden their tumours start melting away with limited side effects.”

For more information, please refer to the article:
MSD’s Keytruda (pembrolizumab) is featured in the article.

The Economist: MSD developing drugs to fight bacteria
Under the headline, “Antibodies V Bacteria: Making Resistance Futile", Under the headline, “Antibodies V Bacteria: Making Resistance Futile,” The Economist highlights the efforts of different firms to develop drugs to fight bacteria as part of the larger effort to back up conventional antibiotics in the face of growing bacterial resistance.

The article features MSD research efforts in “testing a combination of two antibodies against toxins made by Clostridium difficile,” and that early trials of the treatment “suggest that, when used alongside conventional antibiotics, antibody therapy reduces the recurrence of infection."

As reported in our latest pipeline, MSD is developing actoxumab/bezlotoxumab (MK-3415A), an investigational combination of therapeutic antibodies targeting two C.difficile pathogenic toxins, (A and B). MK-3415A is in phase III.

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