Our Work in Immuno-Oncology

Global cancer cases continue to rise. The fight against cancer is personal – not only for patients and their loved ones but also for those focused on treating cancer and developing new treatments.

18 Million

In 2018, it is estimated that approximately 18 million people worldwide were diagnosed and about 9 million people died from cancer.1

30 Million

By 2040, new cancer cases worldwide are predicted to almost 30 million.2

Our Inspiration

We believe that one day cancer will be curable. We work with all involved public and private institutions responsible for the treatment and care of patients with cancer to help those affected and their families.

Our progress in changing the outcomes of cancer would not be possible without:

...the participation of patients in clinical trials.

...the support and involvement of the physicians who believe in the importance of advancing the care for patients through innovative clinical trials

...the patient advocacy community who helps support people with cancer through their journeys

Cancer and the role of the immune system

The past

In the 1950s, researchers proposed that the immune system patrols the body to detect and destroy tumor cells. Scientists and researchers had previously focused on cancer cells and treating cancer as a genetic disease.

The Present

Now the focus is shifting to the microenvironment in which cancer grows, including the immune system – an approach called immuno-oncology.

The Future

Immuno-oncology has the potential to change the way cancer is treated and how patients can benefit from it.

Anti-PD1 * therapy (French)

Anti-PD1 * therapy (Dutch)

The immune system - a key in the fight against cancer

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Immuno-oncological research could lead to significant progress in the treatment of the world's ten most common cancers.

(Newly diagnosed cases worldwide in 20183)

We strive to provide hope to people with cancer

We invest in the development of innovative oncological drugs to provide hope to people with cancer. With a focus on immuno-oncology, MSD has one of the largest and fastest growing clinical research programs in the world. MSD is one of the leading companies in research on vaccines, such as cervical cancer.

The ongoing clinical study program in the field of immuno-oncology in Belgium includes 34 clinical studies in various cancers (as of 04/2019).