Life in te company

At MSD we all share an extraordinary sense of purpose: helping to improve health and well-being around the world.

We are driven by the idea that medicine is indeed for the people and not for the profits. Whether we are discovering, developing, designing, marketing or supporting, our work is ultimately aimed at preserving and improving human life. We are all committed to the utmost standards of ethics and integrity as well as the highest level of excellence throughout the company.

MSD's culture and direction as a company are fully supported by our leaders. Our Leadership Model guides all areas of the company. We not only focus on business performance, but also on employee satisfaction, which to us means that every employee has the ability to contribute to his or her full potential. The top of MSD's Leadership Model describes the company's vision to maximize business performance and employee satisfaction.

This is supported by two areas of focus: developing individual competencies and building a productive work environment.

Professional Development Career development is important to us, and our people are continually learning. We provide structured processes, tools and a culture to help our employees shape their careers and reach their fullest potential.
We put you in charge of your career at MSD by making professional development a self-directed process. We provide learning opportunities and initiatives – both internally and with outside partners – and you work with the support of your manager to pursue areas of interest and benefit to you. Development opportunities could include on-the-job options, such as stretch assignments, mentoring, shadowing, rotational programs and leadership programs. We also offer extensive, globally accessible training and development resources.
Work/Life FlexibilityIt is the policy of MSD to ensure a productive work environment, one that respects individuals, foster teamwork, promotes flexibility and agility, and support employee work-life effectiveness.
We believe that flexibility in the workplace is imperative for remaining competitive in the marketplace, for attracting and retaining talent and enhancing business outcomes. This policy provides the general framework regarding types of flexibility.